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Re: VMWare and lilo

i've had that problem when the partition was not marked as active.  that
could be your problem, boot offa disk and check fdisk, in linux utilities
active is the same as 'bootable'

typically only 1 partition at a time per drive can be active, any more
*may* cause problems.


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Robert L. Harris wrote:

Robert >
Robert >
Robert >Ok,
Robert >  I'm trying to boot vmware and use the hardware profiles to manage
Robert >the devices.  Everything looks good up until I get to lilo, then
Robert >I get an "L" followed by alot of what looks like "01 ", and I say 
Robert >looks like because it clears the screen when I power off and scrolls
Robert >too fast when I let it run.
Robert >
Robert >Anyone have any ideas?  I'm using the raw disk for /dev/hda c:.
Robert >
Robert >Robert
Robert >
Robert >:wq!
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