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Re: Setting up Debian - II

im not sure about your drive but i have a couple 37GB ibms and they have a
jumper on them that restricts access to 32GB and below, some bios's can't
handle going past 32GB.  check to make sure, if you have a drive that has
the jumper that its not set.


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, davidturetsky wrote:

davidt >Many thanks, Paul
davidt >
davidt >Professor Brouwer's Large Disk HOWTO is great (really an understatement),
davidt >highly readable, and quite thorough, and in fact specifically discusses the
davidt >issues of my 34GB IBM hard drive
davidt >
davidt >DELL has done something in the current BIOS to restrict access to 32.x GB as
davidt >a general workaround to this problem, so I will explore whether I may have
davidt >inadevertently omitted formatting and with their BIOS workaround whether I
davidt >can install the Debian 2.1 CD-ROM distribution in hand
davidt >
davidt >If not, I can always download 2.3.21 which apparently resolves the
davidt >addressing issues
davidt >
davidt >All the feedback is much appreciated
davidt >
davidt >David
davidt >
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davidt >Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2000 8:42 AM
davidt >Subject: Re: Setting up Debian - II
davidt >
davidt >
davidt >> > On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, davidturetsky <davidturetsky@email.msn.com> wrote:
davidt >> >
davidt >> > >I followed Joe's recommendation and partitioned my 32gb IBM hard drive
davidt >as
davidt >> > >follows:
davidt >> > >  c:         6,997.0   mb
davidt >> > >  /               39.2    mb
davidt >> > >  swap      258.8    mb
davidt >> > >  /usr      5,004.6   mb
davidt >> > >  e:       20,332.2   mb
davidt >> >
davidt >> > Is this a typo or are you trying to reserve 39.2 megs for the root
davidt >> > system? Keep in mind that this partition will contain everything below
davidt >> > / except /usr, so this setup would be unusable.
davidt >> >
davidt >> I would reccomend you to read the Large Disk HowTo available from:
davidt >> http://howto.tucows.com/LDP/HOWTO/Large-Disk-HOWTO.html
davidt >> and the Linux Partition HowTo available from:
davidt >> http://howto.tucows.com/LDP/HOWTO/mini/Partition.html
davidt >>
davidt >> These documents together should cover most of what is needed to make a
davidt >custom
davidt >> partitioning strategy that will cover your needs.
davidt >>
davidt >
davidt >
davidt >
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