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Re: hardware problems

while its not the same model# as your board i have been using Epox
EP-MVP3G2 and EP-MVP3G5 (same board cept one has 1MB of cache the other
has 2MB) without a problem sofar in linux. well i have a problem with the
system unable to init the framebuffer on newer X servers for my 3Dfx
cards, but i had that problem on my older AOpen i430TX based motherboard
as well, wish i could solve it.


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Allan M. Wind wrote:

wind >On 2000-02-02 12:57:02, aphro wrote:
wind >
wind >> it would be helpful to know if the machine has ever been running good
wind >> under another distro/OS or if its a 'new' machine..
wind >
wind >Old machine that used to work flawlessly with both Linux and that
wind >other OS.  However something went wrong (I suspect heat) and it
wind >started to crash.  I figured it was the motherboard, so I purchased a
wind >better ventilated tower and was given a cheap motherboard (EPoX
wind >EP-MCP3C).
wind >
wind >I could not get the serial ports to work and it also crashed
wind >occationally (after 24 to 48 hours of being on). So, I got it replaced
wind >with another EP-MCP3C which shows the same problem(s).
wind >
wind >> install lm_sensors on the machine for some additional info about the
wind >> mainboard like voltage and temp and stuff.
wind >
wind >Ok.
wind >
wind >> it may also be worth a shot to install another OS on it to see if it does
wind >> the same..could try one of the floppy based linux distros that installs
wind >> into memory or the QNX demo (www.qnx.com) which also loads into memory.
wind >
wind >Windows behaved the same with the first EPoX motherboard that I had.
wind >
wind >> also it may be worth trying to crash it by increasing the cpu and i/o load
wind >> by loading multiple copies of seti@home 1 copy for every 10-15MB of ram
wind >> you have.
wind >
wind >Tried memtest on my 128 MB of memory and that worked fine.
wind >
wind >> make the machine work it's ass off for a while and see if it holds
wind >> up for the 24 hours, or if it crashes real quick.  i can usually get
wind >> about 15 million disk writes out in a 2-3 day period with a good
wind >> amount of seti going. it stresses the IDE bus to the limits(and past
wind >> some, ive had machines reset the ide bus a few times during that)
wind >
wind >Interesting... 
wind >
wind >
wind >/Allan
wind >-- 
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wind >P.O. Box 2022			Phone: 781.279.4513 (home)
wind >Woburn, MA 01888-0022		Phone: 781.274.7000 ext. 368 (work)
wind >

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