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Re: Setting up Debian - III

Quoting davidturetsky (davidturetsky@email.msn.com):
> In response to below suggestion, I repartitioned as follows:
> c:              5,004.6 meg
> Extended:
>     /           2,502.3
>     swap       502.0
>     /usr      5,004.6
>     e:       19,618.4
> The Debian install takes me to the same problems as before:
>   When I permit partitioning:
>     "FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition 0. Partition ends after end-of-disk.
> Press any key to exit cfdisk"

                        ^^^^^^ see my other posting.

>   When I view the partition table:
>     "The following partitions have been detected
>         /dev/hda1    Active    WIN95    FAT32     /target
>         /dev/hda2                  WIN95   Extended (LBA)

I really loath extended partitions, and would just point out that you
could avoid them if you had one linux partition rather than two.

> Apparently the system is not seeing my Linux partitions although Partition
> Magic confirms their presence
> When booting, I used DOS fdisk to make the second partition active, but this
> does not seem to be reflected to the Debian installer. All attempts within
> the installer to see any other partition fail

I don't think that "active" partitions are a concept that linux
really cares about. I also think you are unwise to go near any
linux partitions with DOS fdisk.

> The extended partition is a logical partition, which was recommended.

It can't be both; the former contains instances of the latter.
But then, I'm ignorant, never having understood why there are
several "types" of extended partition.

> Is
> this related to problem?

Dunno. If you want an extended partition, you could create it in linux
and create E: afterwards as a primary one. This should work as long as
you zero out the start of it (see man cfdisk which is in the 
installation docs, dos 6.x warning). DOS fdisk won't create more than
one primary partition for some reason.


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