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Re: Setting up Debian - III

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 10:02:01AM -0800, davidturetsky wrote:
> In response to below suggestion, I repartitioned as follows:
> c:              5,004.6 meg
> Extended:
>     /           2,502.3
>     swap       502.0
>     /usr      5,004.6
>     e:       19,618.4
> The Debian install takes me to the same problems as before:
>   When I permit partitioning:
>     "FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition 0. Partition ends after end-of-disk.
> Press any key to exit cfdisk"

Have you tried starting the installation with the slink r4 bootdisk yet?
I used them successfully on a 13G drive, where the standard bootdisks from
my release 3 cd failed.

You can download them at 

The images are resc1400.bin and drv1440.bin



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