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Re: TV Cards....

i use a hauppauge wintv/pci

and it works great, just make sure to avoid the video4linux drivers in the
kernel if possible they are outdated, go to the bttv homepage if your
using a bttv-compadible card.(i dont have the link, go to
yahoo.aphroland.org and search for bttv)

i use kwintv to...used to use xawtv, till i got kwintv to work


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Robert V. MacQuarrie wrote:

Robert >
Robert >A friend has just told me he setup a TV card in his debian linux system
Robert >and says it's been working great. He is using a Phoebe TV Master card
Robert >(www.phoebe.com) with kernel 2.2.13 and 'some version' of xawtv.
Robert >
Robert >My current system is a dual P200 with 128mgs ram running debian 2.1 with
Robert >kernel 2.2.5.
Robert >
Robert >I was wondering what other cards people have used and their price ranges
Robert >aswell as opinions to their performance. The Phoebe TV Master is roughly
Robert >49.00 (+12.00 S&H) and includes an I/R remote. He has been unable to use
Robert >the remote yet.
Robert >
Robert >Thanx for any additional info which you may like to add.
Robert >
Robert >
Robert >-Rob
Robert >
Robert >
Robert >
Robert >
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Robert >

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