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Problems Mirroring Debian


I've setup a local mirror of Debian for our development
(yes, I do work for Sony :-).  Unfortunately lately I started
getting lots of errors like:

Scanning local directory /mirror/debian
Scanning remote directory /pub/linux/debian
compare directories (src 48187, dest 35740)
Cannot create local file .in.ls-lR.gz.
Failed to get ls-lR.gz: 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for ls-lR.gz (1300202 bytes).
Failed to get file 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for ls-lR.gz (1300202 bytes).
Cannot open data socket
Failed to get ls-lR: 426 Data connection: Broken pipe.
Failed to get file 426 Data connection: Broken pipe.
Failure on 'RETR ls-lR.patch.gz' command
Failed to get ls-lR.patch.gz: 200 PORT command successful.
Failed to get file 200 PORT command successful.
Cannot open data socket

this goes on for some time and then the mirror program
starts removing everything which is currently in my local copy :-(.
I tested multiple servers and they all gave the same errors
so I guess it's my mirroring software somehow and not the
servers refusing me for some reason. I installed the latest
version (2.9) of "mirror" but that still gives the same problems.

Can anybody recommend me some good mirroring software
that can manage multiple mirrors (round-robin to make
sure every mirror gets its share)

Thanks in advance,


 "It has been said that there are only two businesses
  refer to customers as users: illegal drug trade and
               the computer industry." 
Nico De Ranter
Sony Service Center (SUPC-E/DME-B)
Sint Stevens Woluwestraat 55 (Rue de Woluwe-Saint-Etienne)
1130 Brussel (Bruxelles), Belgium, Europe, Earth
Telephone: +32 2 724 86 41 Telefax: +32 2 726 26 86
e-mail: nico.deranter@sonycom.com

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