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Re: VMware

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 10:30:05PM -0800, Wim Kerkhoff wrote:
> I've heard scary tales from someone who loaded an existing Windows
> 98 partition on its own partition... It tooks hours and hours to detect, add,
> remove all the changed hardware.  After that, he couldn't dual boot into
> Windows 98 natively.  Your best off not to take this route...

i managed to get a setup like this working. It wasn't pleasant, i'd
recommend against it unless you're the type of person who likes fixing
broken systems ;)

i ended up creating a second hardware profile for vmware and a dos-ish
boot menu for turning off my virus scanner under vmware (because it
locks up in the guest) and loading a different cdrom driver. Then i had
to fix the other hardware profile because windoze handles it with the
typical M$ brain damage. After fixing it the first time around from
before i had thought to do that. i also killed everything that had been
set to run on startup, because it takes long enough to boot without
extras ;)

Drifting slightly off topic, i did the backup-and-repartition deal
around the same time, to get more space in my fat32 data partition by
taking some of the wasted space from windows. When i created the two as
hdb1 and hdb2, winDOS insisted on claiming D: was a drive with 0 bytes,
and using hdb2 as E:. But when i made hdb1 and hdb5, it worked fine. Is
winDOS really that dumb that it can't handle multiple primary FAT

What was that sigquote? "If Windows is the answer, it must've been a
stupid question"

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