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Re: what is wrong with 'adduser'?

On 01-Feb-2000 Colin Watson wrote:
> It looks like you haven't got /usr/sbin on root's $PATH (as evidenced
> also by the fact that you're using /usr/sbin/adduser instead of simply
> adduser). groupadd, groupdel, and the like live there. Fix this and all
> should be well.

I thought it might be that, and I do have /usr/sbin on root's PATH.  I later
closed the xterm window and tried with a new one and some things seemed to

> /usr/sbin should probably be on root's $PATH anyway, but it's probably a
> bug in adduser that it doesn't use absolute paths (a potential security
> hole, even?). You might want to file a bug about this.

I will, if this problem persists.



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