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Re: File system/directory structure docs?

FSSTND covers this topic.
usually found on /usr/doc/debian-policy/fsstnd/*

Dannie Ginsburg

Actually, this has been superseded by FHS. This is a more *NIX based document
that the FSSTND and I believe that this is what Debian now aims for in
compatibility. I must warn you, though. This is aimed more to the SysAdmin and
software package writer that the general user. But if you read through it a few
times, you will get a general feel for where things should go. This is only a
guide, but a very good one and it seems that several *NIX distributors are
starting to follow this.


This will take you to the FHS home page. You will find copies of the doc
available from there. I hope this answers you questions.


     John Gay

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