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Re: DDD 3.1.99 expired

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 10:28:34 -0500, Arcady Genkin wrote:
> Whenever I'm running ddd, I get a dialog informing me that ``DDD version
> (3.1.99) has expired since Monday, 2000-01-31, at 00:00. Please upgrade to
> the recent version.''
> What's up with that?

3.1.99 is a beta version, which has a purely informational expiry date.

3.2 has been released, and I've uploaded packages of it last Sunday,
intended for both potato and woody. As we are in a code freeze uploads to
potato need to be approved by the release manager before being installed
into the archive. The release manager is out of town for a couple of days,
so hopefully 3.2 will be approved and installed into the archive later this

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