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Re: Video capture file is huge

* Cyrus Patel <cyrus@penguinpowered.com> writes:

> Hi all,

> I captured a video sequence from my television card using xawtv and it created 
> an avi file that was 140M big and it only went for a few seconds and its 
> resolution was not that big.

> Can I possibly compress this to a more managable size?

Later, yes, but MPEG2 encoding in software is too slow for realtime.

I played a while ago with:
  bttvgrab -w 640 -o pmm-good -g logfile -Q -d d

The pmm format may be even more uncompressed than avi.

Convert to MPEG (needs mpeg2encode, AFAIK)
  bttvconvert -w 640 -o mpeg-1 -l 142 -s output.pmm -d d -Q -c log

The bttvgrab homepage possibly has more info:


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