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Re: Stumble near the finish line?

>Is this Slink (Debian 2.1)? If yes, teTeX has a date problem in the
>original release. If you care about TeX, you should get the package
>from the 2.1r5 release (somewhere on www.debian.org) and install
>that afterward.

Thanks. Would that have caused the failure I had?

Another, general question.

Are the kinds of problems I am experiencing with installing Debian/Linux 
common, or am I just lucky?!

(Dare I mention it?) I installed netBSD a couple of weeks ago and got it 
right on the 2nd try. Of course, I didn't install anything but the base 
setup; no X or anything else of significance. I decided to install 
Debian/Linux instead because of the wider base and larger community. 
Besides, the Penguin is cuter <grin>.

Are there any other Linux/Unix options for a 68K Mac besides Debian and 
netBSD? If so, how do they stack up against eachother?

David Kachel

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