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user cron jobs

I can't seem toget user cron jobs to run on my system.  As I'm reading 
man 1 and 5 for crontab, I should be able to have the line

0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * ch1quiz /usr/local/bin/updatehw 2>>& $HOME/tmp.quizlog

in /etc/crontab, and every ten minutes user ch1quiz will run 
/usr/local/bin/updatehw with the output and errors appended to 
tmp.quizlog in its home directory.  But nothing seems to happen.  What 
am I missing?  I've even tried stopping & restarting the daemon, even 
though it says that this is unnecessary.

The ch*quiz accounts exist only to collect student homework; the script 
updates a web page so that they can confirm that their homework has 
been received.



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