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Re: STILL can't install!!!

>The fist thought that occurs to me is: does dselect know enough to put
>files on the usr partition, or did it freeze trying to stuff 400+ megs
>onto a 100 meg root partition? How does dselect know which files to put
>on which partition? Or does it know?

This seems like a new-user-question, so I'll try to give a simple answer :)

Let's assume you have this partitions

100 MB     /dev/hda1
400 MB     /dev/hda2
[maybe a few more, doesn't matter here]

You mount the partitions:

/dev/hda1  ->  /
/dev/hda2  ->  /usr

Now if you put a file under /usr (or one of it's subdirectories) it's
stored on the /dev/hda2 partition, which happens to be 400 MB. Just what
you wanted :)


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