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Re: Updated pgp for mutt?

> I notice that mutt gives the following for almost all signed messages:
> [-- PGP output follows (current time: Mon Jan 31 16:24:38 2000) --]
> ^GUnsupported packet format - you need a newer version of PGP for this
> file.

That message is from PGP 2.x, not from Mutt.

> I have pgp-us 2.6.3a-6 installed, also gpg-idea 2.1.1, gpg-rsa 2.1.1
> and gpg-rsaref 1.1-2 on my system and .muttrc has
> set pgp_v2=/usr/bin/pgp
> set pgp_gpg=/usr/bin/gpg
> Is there something else needed?

You don't say it, but I guess you have GnuPG installed, don't you?  The
gpg-<algo> extension modules are for making GnuPG working with old PGP
2.x (RSA) keys.  Also, either have gpg-rsa module (if outside of the US) 
or gpg-rsaref module (if in the US), but not both (preferably outside
the US, ie. gpg-rsa).

You can spare yourself having both PGP and GnuPG installed in various
ways.  Please, have a look at GnuPG (www.gnupg.org) documentation
project (www.gnupg.org/gph) and look for the pgp2x.html document (about
GnuPG interoperability with PGP 2.x) and a link to pgp2gnupg.html (aka
PGP 5 ... or so, a bit outdated but will give you an idea for what to
do.  It explains how to export your private keys from PGP and import
them into GnuPG, and how to use them).  If you decide to import your RSA
key (pgp 2.x) into GnuPG, please bear in mind that pgp 2.x does not
generate an autosignature, you'll have to work around that from the
referred docs.

Also, for having it working with Mutt, have a look at Mutt-GnuPG-PGP
howto (again slightly outdated).


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