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Re: lilo

So are you using a floppy to boot into Linux then? Assuming that's the
case, you should be able to edit /etc/lilo.conf as long as you are root.
If you want to use BootMagic as the boot manager, you'll have to
configure Lilo to install in the root partition's boot sector as opposed
to the MBR. In other words:


Of course, you have to execute the 'lilo' command after editing for the
changes to take effect.


raymond ferrari wrote:
> Could someone tell me how I can go back into lilo to re-configure. I am
> getting a "no permission" statement. This is on my own computer, and the
> other day I clicked on a message that asked me if I wanted to save the
> config for boot-up. I clicked on yes, and now I can't get back into
> lilo.conf to change things. I cannot boot directly into Linux because I
> had a LI and I tried to uninstall lilo with /sbin/lilo -u, and now when
> I boot up, I don't get any lilo at all, not even the LI. So I want to go
> back in and configure lilo from scratch.
> Please help me get lilo back and running. During my install, I put lilo
> in with Linux(ext2) which is on hda5 and hda6. Dos is on hda1 and
> windows hda2, with swap on hda3. I am using Boot Magic to switch from
> windows to Linux. Thanks for the help./Ray

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