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Re: SV: vt220 or higher and 8 bit terminal with latin-1

   Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 07:33:58 -0800 (PST)
   From: ferret@phonewave.net
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   Sender: Hans Ekbrand <haek@hem.passagen.se>

I have found ckermit and MS-kermit 3.16, and according to other users, these will do the trick. I don't think that this verision of MS-kermit emulates the "linux console", Kermit95 does (but if the computer was able to run win95, I would of course run linux in the first place instead). Anyhow, the vt320 emulation is good enough for me with latin-1 support! I haven't tried the setup myself yet though, but I will soon. One can hope that "linux console" emulation will be supported by MS-kermit in the future.

   Probably, but I had no idea anything could do 8-bit terminal input in the
   first place.

   Probably would need to base the terminal emulator off an older one. It
   would be trying to run as close to `console' as possible. Minimum
   requirements for me are supporting UTF-8 IO and propogating host display
   settings to the remote. Full Unicode support (And I guess I could see
   about adding GGI support as well) would be saved for later. What terminals
   would you suggest to study for a good overview of the control sequences?

   This will be officially going onto my ITW list, and I might even find time
   to get started in the next couple months.

   On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Hans Ekbrand wrote:

   > I do not think so. These programs are a bit old, and UTF-8 is pretty new, isn't it?
   > Hans
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   > Till:	Hans Ekbrand
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   > Ämne:	Re: vt220 or higher and 8 bit terminal with latin-1
   > On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, Hans Ekbrand wrote:
   > > I have problems with this: Conex7.5 on the DOS-side of the null-modem cabel
   > > and getty 38400 vt220 in /etc/inittab
   > > 
   > > The problem is that ascii characters in the 160-255 range is displayed
   > > alright, but I can't type them from the terminal(emulator). I don't think
   > > conex is the problem, but everything worked alright when I used Telix3.5 and
   > > 8 bit vt102 emulation. (I thought 8-bit emulation was implemented firstly
   > > with the vt220, but debian did 8 bit with vt102, conex only does 8-bit emulation in vt220 and higher). I'd
   > > rather not use Telix as it is very slow on my XT-laptop.
   > > 
   > > Anyone got vt220 or higher working with 8-bit terminals? How do I set it up?
   > Would you know if any of these terminal emulators could also handle UTF-8
   > or full Unicode for input and display?
   > I'm considering hacking the console UTF-8 support (IF I can find the
   > package again) to work over serial link and possibly switch between
   > vt102/UTF-8/Unicode, and I'm hoping there's some prior art someone happens
   > to know about.
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