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Re: Must /tmp be on boot partition?

On Mon, Jan 31, 2000 at 06:30:35PM -0500, Marc Sherman wrote:
> Does /tmp have to be physically located on the boot
> partition, or can it be a symlink to /var/tmp on another
> partition?  I've seen conflicting statements in different
> references/howtos/manpages - some say that the link works,
> and others say that the boot process needs temp space, and
> uses /tmp for that purpose, so it needs to be on the boot
> partition.  Does anyone have conclusive proof (ie: a working
> system of their own) that the symlink to /var/tmp works?

My system has been working fine for a while now with /tmp -> /var/tmp
and with /var on a separate partition. Just in case, though, i've
always created /var/tmp in the root partition (which is of course
obscured when /var is mounted) so that a valid tmp directory always

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