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Could someone tell me how I can go back into lilo to re-configure. I am
getting a "no permission" statement. This is on my own computer, and the

other day I clicked on a message that asked me if I wanted to save the
config for boot-up. I clicked on yes, and now I can't get back into
lilo.conf to change things. I cannot boot directly into Linux because I
had a LI and I tried to uninstall lilo with /sbin/lilo -u, and now when
I boot up, I don't get any lilo at all, not even the LI. So I want to go

back in and configure lilo from scratch.

Please help me get lilo back and running. During my install, I put lilo
in with Linux(ext2) which is on hda5 and hda6. Dos is on hda1 and
windows hda2, with swap on hda3. I am using Boot Magic to switch from
windows to Linux. Thanks for the help./Ray

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