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Re: Router Project

Hello Peter,

LRP is based on Debian 2.1 (2.0.36). There are several other Mini-Distris 
(PicoBSD, ...) but LRP 2.9.4 works quiet well is fast and is small.

I am using LRP 2.9.4 since April 1999 with DHCP and my 2 MBit cable modem 
and since Decembre 1999 with a fixed IP-Address.

Ich you have any questions, go to the website http://www.linuxrouter.org/ 
and subscribe to the mailing list. Also you can ask me  ;-))

Please note, that I am not a LRP/Debian-Guru, I am still newbie but now I
know how to setup the LRP for a cable modem with DHCP and fixed IP's.


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>I have heard things about the linux router project, has anyone here come
>across it? or a similar thing in debian?
>Peter Good
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