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Re: DNS setup question

if i understand what your asking you should be able to

server <your new dns IP>

where domain.com is the domain you want to lookup.  the DNS will tell you
what it thinks the IP is.  if it is configured right it will show what you
expect. the server command tells nslookup to change it's default DNS to
ask some other server info.


On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Alec Smith wrote:

alec >Right now I've got my Debian-based server acting as a DNS cache. I'm in the 
alec >process of moving a domain from one hosting company to another, and I'd 
alec >like to be able to test things as if this domain was pointed at the new 
alec >server instead of the old. I'm not quite ready to update the domain records 
alec >with InterNIC though.
alec >
alec >
alec >Is there some way I can make my local DNS server report back to me that 
alec >amimedia.com is instead of the old IP, but without having to 
alec >change things for the rest of the world? I'm not a Bind whiz, so pointers 
alec >are much appreciated.
alec >
alec >I don't want to drop the DNS cache since it speeds things up most of the 
alec >time. Eventually I'd like to add DNS to another LAN I run, so I'd like to 
alec >use this as a chance to start learning how to configure Bind as opposed to 
alec >just adding another entry for DNS caching (to point at Pair Network's DNS 
alec >for the new amimedia.com IP).
alec >
alec >
alec >Alec Smith
alec >
alec >
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alec >

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