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Re: licq question

debuser@platinum.globalmart.com wrote:
> I'm using licq (from potato).  Since I don't have a sound card, I thought
> I'd replace the playing of wave files in the OnEvents tab of the options
> dialog with the command "echo -e '\a'" so my machine would beep when I get
> a new message. The strange thing to me is that this works fine if I start
> licq from a shell like Eterm, but doesn't work if I start licq from the
> menu. I thought it might be a path problem, so I put the complete path
> (/bin/echo) in the command and this didn't make a difference.  Anyone
> have any ideas why this would happen?

I guess that echo needs a terminal for its output. To check that you
could try something like "echo -e '\a' > /dev/tty12".

Hope it helps ...

- Konrad

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