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RE: Many computers working together?

Check out the Beowulf Project. This is one of the areas that Linux excels in.

On 28-Jan-2000 Davide Anchisi wrote:
> Hi,
> My question is not strictly debian related and rises from two
> considerations:
> 1. most computers, for most of the time they are on, don't use theire
> full power;
> 2. when doing an hard job resources are never enough (the more you have
> the better is).
> I wonder if there is a way to make 2 or more different machines work
> together as a big multiprocessor computer so that resources can be
> sheared and used where and when needed.
> In this way you could perform powerfull computing tasks without _a_
> powerfull computer.
> Do you know if it's possible to do that under Debian GNU/Linux and how?
> Please answer even to my e-mail adress as I have not subscribed the
> Debian-user list.
>     Thanks for any sugestion,
>     Davide
> davide.anchisi@unito.it
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E-Mail: Paul Kallstrom <paul@softracamerica.com>
Date: 28-Jan-2000
Time: 10:28:27

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