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Re: Lilo & hdb


You're right about the linux device structure regarding physical disks. I
however am using the same map-drive lines in my lilo.conf as you are,
except I am booting windows from the primary slave (hdb1). Why is it that
the same map-drive lines work for both you and I even though we are
booting from different physical drives?


On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Tom Allard wrote:

> I'm no BIOS expert, but I believe 0x80 is the "primary master" and 0x81
> is the "secondary master".  My cdrom is a "primary slave" (i.e. it is
> physically connected to the "primary master").
> I believe if I had connected my cdrom to the "secondary master" it would be
> a "secondary slave".  The "secondary master" (Windows disk) would then be
> hdb and the cdrom would be hdc.
>   ...I think.
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