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Re: Gnome complain it cannot find internet address for hostname

--- Phillip Deackes <gsmh@gmx.net> wrote:

> Each time I log on using GDM or KDM I get a Gnome message telling me
> that Gnome cannot find the internet address for scgf (my system
> hostname).
> My /etc/hosts contains:
>	localhost
>	scgf.gmx.net scgf
> If I do 'hostname' on the command line I get 'scgf'. Everything works
> fine elsewhere on the system. I receive email using fetchmail and Exim.
> I always assume if Exim works OK and sorts/delivers local and remote
> mail correctly then the system must be configured correctly.

Maybe it tries to do a reverse DNS lookup on your fully qualified hostname.
At least I've had problems with GNOME on ppc, it tries to do a DNS query and
thus takes several minutes to start if the network is unreachable.

Wonder if this is actually a GNOME bug, or how to solve it?


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