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Re: mail problem

On Sun, 23 Jan 2000, Allan M. Wind wrote:

wind >Is this the correct format?

from what i could see on www.sendmail.org it is ..

wind >Hmm... that sounds like normal behavior to me.  If you serve the
wind >domain and the user doesn't exist, sendmail should correctly
wind >reject mail.

i'd hope it would see the MX of the domain is the other machineand send it
on over.

wind >You need to be more specific.  With "hosted" do you mean that the name
wind >server for aphroland.org is running on galactica?  What do you mean by
wind >the latter ".. while the MX is on bebo"?

aphroland.org's IP is bound to galactica's ethernet card..while the MX for
that domain is bound to bebo's ethernet card.

wind >Is there any particular reason, why you don't just give me the MX
wind >records and the sendmail config?

i could..as it is now though not much is changed..i'll tar up the stuff
here and send it to you(privatly) every single MX record is going to
mail.firetrail.com (bebo.firetrail.com)


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