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Re: mail problem

On 2000-01-23 16:35:54, aphro wrote:

> i reconfigured sendmail to use
> mailertables(via sendmailconfig) and set /etc/mail/mailertable to include:
> .aphroland.org	smtp:firetrail.com
> .mac-resources.com	smtp:firetrail.com

Is this the correct format?

> but it appeaars it is ignoring the mailertable(i've restarted sendmail ~50
> times) totally. it still refuses to send mail unless the user exists
> locally or the domain is not hosted/MX'd by me. 

Hmm... that sounds like normal behavior to me.  If you serve the
domain and the user doesn't exist, sendmail should correctly
reject mail.

> another thing -- the domains themselves (i.e. the ip for aphroland.org) is
> hosted on galactica(the one with the problem) while the MX is on bebo(the
> mail server)

You need to be more specific.  With "hosted" do you mean that the name
server for aphroland.org is running on galactica?  What do you mean by
the latter ".. while the MX is on bebo"?

Is there any particular reason, why you don't just give me the MX
records and the sendmail config?

> does this introduce any odd things that may cause this to happen?

Don't know till I understand your setup.

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