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Re: Hint: Finding packages with needed files

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Michel DДnzer wrote:

>=However, the above problem still remains. If I just initialize the modem with
>='AT&F1', it connects at 40000 something bps. But I only get transfer rates
>=around 1 kB/s! Uploads are as fast as ever. OTOH after 'AT&F1&N21', it
>=connects at only 33600 bps, but I get 3.5 kB/s constantly.
>=Anyone has a suggestion about this one? Have I misconfigured my modem?
>=Doesn't my ISP support V90? ...

I had a similar problem with PCMCIA modem Compaq 33k. It takes me couple 
of days but I found a unique register for my modem card by which I can 
select a set of speeds my modem only can negotiate at. I setup that 
only allowed are 28.8 kbod, 14.4 kbod and I do not have any problem since.

It seems to me that common modems can only works properly on "main" speeds,
but negotiate on many others.

I will suggest to check your modem manual first. I saw many modems which
has such register, occasionally it has a different name per everyone.

Pavel Epifanov.

epv@casema.net , pavel_e@yahoo.com

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