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mail problem

I asked about this before but never saw a reply so i'll ask again.

I have 2 machines that handle 99% of my accounts.  1 is acting mail
server(bebo.firetrail.com) and the other does everything

all of the domains i host MX to mail.firetrail.com (which goes to

on galactica.firetrail.com, if i mail to a user, and the user exists on
the local machine, the mail system mails to that user (e.g. echo "test" |
mail aphro@aphroland.org) however if the local user does NOT exist it
returns "user unknown" this only appears to happen when the local user
does not exist. although it shouldnt matter since no domains for mail are
hosted on galactica.firetrail.com (other then galactica.firetrail.com) the
system doesn't know to send the mail to

galactica is running the debian version of sendmail(latest) while bebo is
using a customized self compiled version(shouldnt make a difference ..)

any ideas?? i figure its a procmail thing..or is sendmail misconfigured?


thanks :)


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