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exim appropriate for dial-up?

In previous installs (Debian 2.0, 2.1 and potato) I've puzzled over how to
set up exim.  I notice there have been a bunch of questions here about how
to set it up, particularly for people who dial-up to an ISP.  I'm
particularly interested in that, and would like to thank the person who
posted a suggested configuration.

With all that I decided maybe I should take a closer look at the manuals.
The 3.10 manual (direct from exim.org), chapter 41, p. 212 says
	Exim was designed for use on permanently connected hosts, and so is not
particularly well
	suited to use in sn intermittenly connected environment.

In view of this, is exim the right choice in such a setting?  What is the

Setting up mail on debian seems very complicated compared to the usual
process on Windows, where you simply configure a client with a few
parameters.  It seems here you have a client and a transport agent to
configure.  After spending some time with the manual, it remains a mystery
to me how one gets exim to send the mail to the permanently connected host
(the ISP), or get it from there.  Retreiving mail uses POP, and there is no
reference to POP in the exim manual as far as I can tell.

I just found the following relevant Linux How-To:
I'm not sure how relevant it is to Debian.  Since exim is a "drop-in"
replacement for sendmail, I expect the commands they give there should work
for exim too...

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