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Re: mail confusion

aphro wrote:

> On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, paul wrote:
> paul.w >
> paul.w >FUDO2:/home/guest# sendmail -v paul
> paul.w >hello
> paul.w >.
> paul.w >paul... Connecting to local...
> paul.w >paul... Sent
> paul.w >
> chances are that the system just used the local delivery agent(in most
> cases procmail) to deliver the mail..
> paul.w >FUDO2:/home/guest# telnet smtp.freeisp.co.uk
> paul.w >Trying
> paul.w >Connected to smtp.freeisp.co.uk.
> must use port 25 ..
> paul.w >mail... Recipient names must be specified
> paul.w >^]
> paul.w >telnet> q
> paul.w >Connection closed.
> i dont know what MTA that is ... run dpkg -l | grep "mail transport" to
> see what MTA(s) you have installed, if you want to use sendmail i suggest
> removing the ones that you will not use then start sendmail with
> /etc/init.d/sendmail start and try again..
> by default sendmail listens on port 25.  chances are you have another
> pgoram on that port though. the debian distributions come with multiple
> choices for mail transport agents, sendmail is by default not installed
> unless you specifically chose it.

OK. At least I feel I`m doing something constructive now.
Firstly  dpkg -l | grep "mail transport" tells me:

FUDO2:/home/guest# dpkg -l | grep "mail transport"
ii  sendmail        8.9.3-20       A powerful mail transport agent.

which is as I expected because I deliberately installed sendmail, replacing exim,
because it was needed by the "Fidogate" program which was what started all this off.

If I now restart sendmail - "/etc/init.d/sendmail start" I get a load of  output
along these lines:

Starting mail transport agent: <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfHAA03748> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfHAA28888> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfHAA28889> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfHAA28890> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfOAA08216> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfPAA15949> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfQAA04416> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfQAA04418> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfRAA10573> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfRAA19262> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfSAA13594> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfSAA23017> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfSAA23036> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfSAA25524> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfUAA19309> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfUAA19550> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfUAA22726> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfVAA22741> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfVAA22744> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfVAA22745> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfWAA24217> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfWAA24220> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfWAA24221> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfWAA24222> <zero: /var/spool/mqueue/qfWAA24223> <zero:
/var/spool/mqueue/qfXAA26514> <incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfHAA03748>
<incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfHAA28888> <incomplete:
/var/spool/mqueue/dfHAA28889> <incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfHAA28890>
<incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfOAA08216> <incomplete:
/var/spool/mqueue/dfPAA15949> <incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfQAA04416>
<incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfQAA04418> <incomplete:
/var/spool/mqueue/dfRAA10573> <incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfRAA19262>
<incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfSAA13594> <incomplete:
/var/spool/mqueue/dfSAA23017> <incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfSAA23036>
<incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfSAA25524> <incomplete:
/var/spool/mqueue/dfUAA19309> <incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfUAA19550>
<incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfUAA22726> <incomplete:
/var/spool/mqueue/dfVAA22741> <incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfVAA22744>
<incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfVAA22745> <incomplete:
/var/spool/mqueue/dfWAA24217> <incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfWAA24220>
<incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfWAA24221> <incomplete:
/var/spool/mqueue/dfWAA24222> <incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfWAA24223>
<incomplete: /var/spool/mqueue/dfXAA26514> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfHAA03748>
<panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfHAA28888> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfHAA28889> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfHAA28890> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfOAA08216> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfPAA15949> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfQAA04416> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfQAA04418> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfRAA10573> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfRAA19262> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfSAA13594> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfSAA23017> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfSAA23036> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfSAA25524> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfUAA19309> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfUAA19550> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfUAA22726> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfVAA22741> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfVAA22744> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfVAA22745> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfWAA24217> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfWAA24220> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfWAA24221> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfWAA24222> <panic: /var/spool/mqueue/DfWAA24223> <panic:
/var/spool/mqueue/DfXAA26514> sendmail.

I have absolutely no idea what this means.
telnet localhost 25 still says:

FUDO2:/home/guest# telnet localhost 25
Connected to dial.pipex.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
mail... Recipient names must be specified

I hope this gives  some clues as to the problem. I`m still sure I must have
misconfigured it somehow but I`ve read all I can and tried several different
configurations, all with these same results.


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