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Re: mail confusion

Paul <skin@smalltown.freeisp.co.uk> writes:
> It`s a long story but in order to install fidogate I replaced my
> perfectly working exim with sendmail. Now when I try to collect my mail
> with fetchmail I get:
> reading message 1 of 10 (1598 header octets)
> fetchmail: SMTP connect to localhost failed
The above is the problem. Sendmail is not allowing fetchmail to
connect to your local host. You can test this with a simple:
  telnet localhost 25

If everything's working fine you should connect and get a prompt from
sendmail. If it fails, so will fetchmail.

> If I test sendmail with  "sendmail -v" it says :
>  Recipient names must be specified
> I would imagine that this is my problem but I`ve read loads of Docs. and
> still can`t work out what`s wrong.
> Easy with the advice please  - my head hurts!

No, you need to tell sendmail what to use as an address when you test
it. Like:

sendmail -v skin@smalltown.freeisp.co.uk
This is a test.

That's how you get it a test run working. 

As I stated though, I don't believe this is the problem. It's that
sendmail isn't accepting connections from localhost. I'm not that
familiar with sendmail but I suspect you just need to add something in
the sendmail.cf file to tell it that localhost is allowed to use
sendmail as a relay.


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