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Re: S3 Trio3D

On 19 Jan 2000, David Z. Maze wrote:

> erasmo perez <infodeb@uxmal.fb10.tu-berlin.de> writes:
> EP> more or less one week ago, i see in this lists the report of a S3
> EP> Trio3D video card that refuses to work in SVGA, just accepting VGA
> EP> 
> EP> and now i face the same problem, is there some way to overcome this
> EP> failure ?
> I've had some luck using the XF86_SVGA server from XFree86 3.3.4, and
> specifically using the binary from the tarball from xfree86.org.  I
> have had no luck using any of the Debian-packaged X servers, nor with
> any more recent X server.

I am using an Appolo-named (noname) Trio3D with 4M of RAM and the 365
chipset. It works flawlessly with the 3.3.5-2 drivers in glibc2.1.

Previously I tried it with the 3.3.5-0slink1 packages, then it was only
working with only one resolution. 

The main problem with this card is that it is very picky on the monitor
type you set for it. Don't try to set it better than 1024x768-NI.
1024x768-HR is something it can't cope with, according to my experience.

And don't try to set 32bit color depth. That is the other thing it is
incapable of doing in X.

And of course it needs trying. On some machines you must not enter the
Card menu of the XF86Setup program. (that was with the slink package).

Good luck with it.

Robert Varga

> The only thing is, this server seems to have about a 50% chance of
> failure on restart, where "failure" means "takes down entire system
> with it".  So now I'm using the XF86_FBDev server, which is actually
> giving more or less equivalent performance at the cost of a much worse
> refresh rate (43 Hz interlaced vs. 60Hz noninterlaced).  You might try
> reading the kernel documentation for 2.2.* kernels or look at the
> Framebuffer-HOWTO.

You can avoid system breakdowns if you recognize it early enough that it
won't work, and press alt-ctrl-backspace. It occurs upon resolution
changes, when it can't properly set the video mode. After a couple of
tries you can guess from the state of the leds on your monitor, what will

It only occurs with videomodes that cannot be displayed properly, but
leave the card in some state, that it hangs the system. 

My monitor tends to behave differently for the modes that hang the
machine, and those that don't, so probably the output of the card's sync
lines is different in the two states. 

I haven't tried the 3.3.6 version yet. I expect it will work correctly as

However I have seen another machine with a Trio3d as well, which I was not
able to make work at all in modes above 640x480. However it had a very old
monitor. Maybe that was the cause.

Robert Varga

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