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Re: Modem dials without reason

> I configured demand dialing with diald on my machine. Now my modem dials every>five minutes without reason. I increased logging but could not find a hint why
I apologize if there is a duplicate message here, I hit the wrong key just a few minutes ago, and seem to have deleted the message I was working on.

I am having the same problem as Klaus, but the hints in this thread have not helped me.  The only port activity I see in the server logs which I cannot explain is on port 1024 and on ports higher than 61000.  In the period during which the modem dials out every few minutes, there are several of these requests on these ports.

One more note about my case, I have diald installed, but demand dialing doesn't work unless I type the command "ipmasq" at the server prompt.  If I do not, there is no dialout, the workstation browser times out, and the only thing that shows in the logs is

named[221]: ns_forw: sendto([].53): Operation not permitted

Does anyone have any ideas on this one?

Steve Martin

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