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Re: Xwindow help needed

On Sat, 15 Jan 2000, Alice M. Pinard wrote:

> I'm having similar trouble.... from what I can tell in the 3.3.6 slink
> xfree86 update xbase-clients and xserver-common conflict. (which means as
> far as I can tell with my very brief experience with x and debian packages
> that I can have my clients or my server but not both_
> I've sent an email to Vincent asking what's up and reinstalled 3.3.5 (now
> to get everything working again :( )
> -Alice
> momentarily x-less
Darn.... does anyone know where I can get the following files?


deselect says I have them installed but when I try to dpkg -i
xf86setup_3.3.5*deb it tells me they aren't and it needs them

Vincent's site has a lot of the old files in an /oldfiles directory but
not those and unfortunately back when I originally installed them was
before I had as much disk space and I wasn't keeping my .debs

ok... more than just momentarily X-less

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