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Preparing debian install for alpha (multia) on an i386?


I recently got a DEC Multia and would like to install debian on it.
Is there any way I can install (or at least prepare) a hard disk
with all the necessary alpha binaries while the hard disk is sitting
connected to an i386 box ?

Since I have bandwidth at work, it would be convenient to say the least
to be able to prep a hard disk and install linux on it, or at least
unpack the necessary .debs onto it, and then bring the prepped hard
disk home and boot up with it ?

What is the best way to atempt to go about this ?
Is it possible to do any more than just unpacking in terms of
prepping the disk ?

Cormac McGuinness
Cormac McGuinness  (cormac@physics.bu.edu)
Office: (617) 353 3846   Lab: (617) 353 5980   Fax: (617) 353 9393
Electronic Structure Group, Boston University Physics Department.

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