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Re: RTL8139

it is in there, i use it currently...enable support for i "PCI VLB and
onboard adapters" i think the option is and a new set of NICs will show
including the rtl8139.


On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Tim Nicholas wrote:

tim >Hey there all, 
tim >
tim >I have just been trying to compile a new kernel (2.2.14) but i can not
tim >find the option to add support for the rtl8139 chipset 10/100 cards. 
tim >They are reltivly common and there is documentation for them with the
tim >source but not the option to select in either 'make menuconfig' or 'make
tim >config'. 
tim >I am farly sure that i could use this card type in 2.2.12 and _know_
tim >that it can be used with slinks default kernel (2.0.38?) so i should be
tim >able to use it with this.
tim >
tim >any help would be most apreciated... 
tim >
tim >ps. what happened to the packages 'squake' and 'xquake'??
tim >
tim >
tim >Thanks.
tim >
tim >Tim
tim >
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tim >
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