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Re: Hard disk forces BIOS upgrade - but can I use it safely before upgrading ?

i wouldnt reccomend it. the drive layout would be slightly different i
beleive, and it would be risky to try it.  if given that choice i wouldn't
use it before the flash or, if i did not store any important data on it.


On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, Paul J. Keenan wrote:

paul >Hi,
paul >
paul >I've made do with a 1.2Gb HD, housing 500Mb of Win95 (boo, hiss!) and
paul >700Mb of debian + swap for a few years now, and recently it's been a
paul >whole load of no fun juggling everything.
paul >
paul >So I've bought a new hard disk (Maxtor DiamondMax VL20 10.2Gb UDMA66),
paul >but have discovered that my Award BIOS will only address a maximum of
paul >8.4Mb.
paul >
paul >I'm looking for a replacement BIOS and will buy & fit it ASAP.  But I 
paul >am worried that if I divide up & start using the hard disk now that I 
paul >may not be able to address the whole drive without reformatting it when 
paul >I get the BIOS upgrade.
paul >
paul >This (possibly irrational) fear stems from a lack of knowledge of disk
paul >/ BIOS interaction and an acquaintenceship with Sod's Law.
paul >
paul >Can someone tell if it's safe to dive in right now and I can get the
paul >extra 1.8Gb at a later date when the new BIOS arrives without losing
paul >my data ?
paul >
paul >-- 
paul >Regards,
paul >Paul
paul >
paul >
paul >-- 
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paul >

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