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Forcing exim to use a smarthost even for my machine


I finally have gotten myself a domain name, and now I'm using it in
/etc/hosts and everywhere (my machine is called ashwork).

I have two users here on this machine whose mail adresses are
{colin|peggy}@marquardt-home.de. I also have two other users who are 
*not* on this machine but have the same domain part as e-mail

I'm using a plain slink, so my MTA is exim. Now, when sending a mail 
to dana@marquardt-home.de (who is not a user on this machine), I get 
a bounce which says:

    unknown local-part "dana" in domain "marquardt-home.de"

Exim should be forced to use my smarthost for this address.

How would I solve this problem? Surely it is rather easy, but
networking is not my strong side... And the exim doc is too huge to


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