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Re: inittab: More than 2 special key combinations?

> > Is it possible to set up additional special keyboard requests in
> > inittab?  I've already assigned ctrl-alt-delete and alt-uparrow and
> > want another...

> Use 'loadkeys'.

Will `loadkeys' let me assign an arbitrary command to a key sequence?

I've looked at the Console HOWTO and the loadkeys man pages and it appears
that I can only do certain predefined things like switching consoles or
showing the registers.

Perhaps it will help if I get specific.  Ctrl-Alt-Delete is set to
reboot the computer (as usual).  Then I mapped the Alt-UpArrow to play
a CD in my CD-ROM drive so I can play a CD without logging in.  I would
like to have Alt-DownArrow skip to the next track, but can't figure out
how to do it.

Matthew Roberts
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