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dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (broken pine)...what's that mean?


I was trying to install libgnome0.0.30.1-5.deb but it said it was conflicting with libgnome32 which is somehow connected to my gnome desktop so it would'nt let me install libgnome0, so I uninstalled my gnome desktop, so I could remove libgnome32 and install libgnome0 but now I get that error,

dpkg-deb:subprocess paste killed by signal (broken pipe)

I wanted to install libgnome0 then libgtkxmhtml10 so I would be able to install GTK+, and be able to install the programs that I want.

it's really very confusing for someone new to linux like me trying to install programs not in .deb format because of sudden dependencies, conflicts, etc.

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