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Re: modem RX rate is considerable slower than RX rate

Hello Shao,

I do not know, what your ISP has for a connection, how big he is and 
which services he is running. But here in Strasbourg there is a ISP, 
which limit the Up-Load-Speed to 50% of the connection speed.

Why ???

This ISP is very small (like me) and he has a 2 MBit line only.

He has reserved 1 MBit for the Server-Up-Streams (into the internet).
Now for the Modems he has 1 MBit Down-Stream and 512 kBit Up-Stream.

Possible your ISP do the same ???
And then it is a prevention that Clients, like you, do not can install 
properly servers too.


At 23:25 05.01.2000 +1100, you wrote
--------> This was the original Message:
mk>	when I ftp to a server, if I use the get command, I can get
mk>	around about 4K/s. But with the same server, if I use the put
mk>	command, I only get about 600bytes/s.
mk>	I have checked /etc/ppp/options, and tried to set both mtu and mru
mk>	to 1500, but did not solve the problem.
mk>	Thanks for the help.
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