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Problems after upgrading to potato


I upgraded to potato and have the foll problems,

1. My mouse doesn't work after I boot and start X windows.
   I have to run gpm,gpm-mouse-test after I boot in to make 
   my mouse work.
   Any ideas what I have to check in my init script so that
   my mouse driver is installed at boot time.

2. 'xset r ' is not on by default (for key repeats). I don't
   know why it changed. I have to type 'xset r on' at my
   screen and have a script that does this on the machines
   I log into. Is there a way to set this permanently in my 
   X windows session?

3. I get 'shmget failed' error in a couple of apps. How do 
   I increase my shared memory?

Thanks in advance.

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