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Re: Kermit works in DOS with exact same settings but not Debian.

I'm not a serial port expert but have you tried turning the FIFO buffers
OFF ? there is an option in setserial to do it.


On Sun, 2 Jan 2000, Christopher R. Barry wrote:

cbarry >I need to connect to an HP49G calculator.
cbarry >X-Face: $DD[\LKdx&F)[@v9:I8![L"O*X#'|ctq-w]1aoQD8x1:^PQG@d*UK?JldK53q
cbarry >From: cbarry@2xtreme.net (Christopher R. Barry)
cbarry >Date: 02 Jan 2000 11:08:15 -0800
cbarry >Message-ID: <8766xcz3z4.fsf@2xtreme.net>
cbarry >Lines: 44
cbarry >
cbarry >I think I need help from a serial port guru.
cbarry >
cbarry >I am using ckermit to transfer files between my PC and a HP49G
cbarry >calculator. Under MSDOS, everything works fine. Here are my DOS kermit 
cbarry >settings:
cbarry >
cbarry >  SET PORT COM1
cbarry >  SET SPEED 9600
cbarry >  SET FLOW NONE
cbarry >  SET BLOCK 3
cbarry >
cbarry >I can then just put the calculator in server mode and from my PC do
cbarry >
cbarry >  SEND <file>
cbarry >
cbarry >and it transfers right over.
cbarry >
cbarry >Under Linux I do the exact same thing except I specify /dev/ttyS0
cbarry >instead of COM1 for the first serial port. When I try to transfer a
cbarry >file it goes to the transfer screen and the errors counter just slowly 
cbarry >accumulates. The HP calc indicates that there is serial activity; they 
cbarry >just don't get the connection right I guess.
cbarry >
cbarry >Again, this all works perfectly under DOS. My /etc/serial.conf looks
cbarry >like:
cbarry >
cbarry >----------------------------
cbarry >###AUTOSAVE###
cbarry >/dev/ttyS0 uart 16550A port 0x03f8 irq 4 baud_base 9600 spd_normal skip_test
cbarry >/dev/ttyS1 uart 16550A port 0x02f8 irq 3 spd_normal skip_test
cbarry >----------------------------
cbarry >
cbarry >Is there some magic I can work with stty and setserial to get ttyS0 as 
cbarry >close to the way it is under DOS as possible, or do any of you serial
cbarry >gurus have any connection debug tips or know anything I could try?
cbarry >
cbarry >Thanks very much in advance for any help; I worked on this all day
cbarry >yesterday and all this morning and haven't made progress and am very
cbarry >frustrated....
cbarry >
cbarry >Christopher
cbarry >
cbarry >
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cbarry >

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