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Re: DPMS problem

On Thu, Dec 30, 1999 at 12:16:15AM -0500, John Dalbec wrote:
> OK, the problem didn't go away.
> What happens is this:
> When I first log in to X, starting xhexagons and clicking on it blanks the
> screen.  If I start Netscape (R)(TM)(C) first (apologies to RMS) 
> (my homepage is www.debian.org) and then start xhexagons while Netscape is
> running, xhexagons complains:
> Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for "Gray"
> clicking on it doesn't blank the screen.  This is effective
> until I log out of X.  I can close Netscape, close and restart xhexagons,
> and the problem doesn't recur.  I just tried Option "xaa_no_color_exp"
> and that didn't help.  Any ideas?
> TIA,
> John Dalbec

I'll assume you are running an 8bpp X server.

Basically, you have a fixed colour palette of 256 colours.  Every program
that does not use a private colourmap instead allocates a chunk of the
system palette.  Netscape will take as much as it needs, but if it can't
get that it will settle for less.  xhexagons takes all it needs and fails
if it can't get it.

What you can do (what I used to do before I got a 16bpp server working) is
run "netscape -install".  This will make Netscape allocate a private
colourmap.  The flicker when you move back and forth between windows is
annoying, but you get used to it after a while.  (It's a lot more
tolerable if you can set your window manager to only set the colourmap
that has the input focus (which you, of course, have set to "click to
focus") - look under the "Window Focus Settings" in wmakerconf for

<deep breath>

There.  I said (sic) it.
"If you continue running Windows, your system may become unstable."
     -- Windows 95 BSOD

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