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Re: CTRL-C Doesn't work??!! ....

> From: Kevin Traas <kevin@netmaster.ca>
> ...
> I've got a system here that I've been building from scratch - just to
> ***learn*** how Debian / Linux works from the ground up (right from
> building my own boot disk - initrd, etc.).  I've got everything working
> great; however....   Hitting CTRL-C does not kill a running process.
> The only clue I've got is that, sometimes, I get a message "Job Control
> Disabled" when starting a shell.  Seeing as CTRL-C is a "form" of job
> control, I'm thinking this might be related.  I'm using BASH as the
> shell.

I'd suspect that your shell isn't configured or installed quite right.

The fact that you get the "Job Control Disabled" message seems to
indicate that control-C and the signal Oliver mentions are working
fine, but bash doesn't think it can do anything.

Daniel Barclay
(Hmm.  A little worrisome:  http://www.junkbusters.com/cgi-bin/privacy
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