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Re: Proposal: Source file package format (summary)

On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, Nate Duehr wrote:

> There's a version of linuxconf undergoing testing for Debian in potato right
> now.  

Good news. I'm glad somebody is sharing tools, instead of the "not made
here" syndrome.

> What's RedHat got that's better than dselect?  I haven't seen any decent
> tools for RPM's that provide: 
> 1. Integration with an outside program to download all necessary files
> from a package mirror.
> 2. Listings of available packages in resonable groupings.

Don't think Red Hat has anything better than dselect. They have some gui
crap, but that's what it is: crap. But dselect is still clunky and
tedious. As I say, though, I haven't seen apt or other tools in action.
SuSE probably has the best tool in YaST, but it isn't exactly open source.
Don't know whether anything approaches the ability of dselect to go out on
the net and find things.

Here's another gripe about dselect. When I install, dselect asks me for
the root directory on the CD-ROM. How the hell do I know? 

> #2 might be covered by some of the newer graphical RPM installers they've
> shipped on the 6.0/6.1 series, but they still don't have #1 working right.
> rpmfind is a really crappy piece of software IMHO.

Never used it, but I can imagine.

> Just thoughts...
> On Fri, Dec 31, 1999 at 03:42:58AM -0500, Paul M. Foster wrote:
> > There are two really horrible things about Debian, though. 1) The dselect
> > package handler. I'm speaking from Debian 2.1 here. It has a very
> > primitive interface and is incredibly tedious. Maybe they're doing
> > something different in potato. 2) Lack of admin tools like Linuxconf. This
> > seems to be the best tool out there for system admin. Not that it's
> > perfect, but I don't know of any analog for it on Debian.

Paul M. Foster

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