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Re: Proposal: Source file package format

>Big problem is getting guys like LSB to buy the .deb
>format. I haven't
>researched it, but even guys on the Red Hat list say
>it's better.

>There are two really horrible things about Debian,
>though. 1) The
>package handler. I'm speaking from Debian 2.1 here.
>It has a very
>primitive interface and is incredibly tedious. Maybe
>they're doing
>something different in potato.

I don't use dselect.  I manually download all the
packages and install and remove them with dpkg from
the command line.  Works fine for me, although it is a
bit of a pain for packages with lots of dependencies
to look up and grab all of them individually.  Still,
the interface I've found far easier than dselect.

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