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Re: Xterm and function keys

Andy Spiegl <debian-user.Andy@spiegl.de> writes:
[about xterm function key bindings, ^[OP vs. ^[[11~]
>I just tried the terminfo approach and that seems to work!  So I guess I
>solved my problem, but I still don't really like it.  However I now
>understand that it's not a Debian problem, but a general X problem.  Things 
>should be standardized better. :-(

Yep... This terminfo approach (the "workaround 2" described in
/usr/doc/xterm/README.Debian) should fix everything that uses terminfo
(which is almost all applications where it matters, including all
curses applications; some old systems might still use termcap for
something). But it needs to be set up on every account that you use.

If you also use the text-mode console for connecting to non-Linux
systems, you might want to do the same workaround for

For what it's worth, I've seen these problems also between different
commercial Unix systems (SGI, HP, DEC, etc.), sometimes also between
different programs on one system. (And between Windows and Unix, but I
don't use Windows, so I can't say more about that.) At least Debian
has a workaround for some problems in its documentation. :)

-=- Rjs -=- rjs@lloke.dna.fi

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